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Team Members

Barkha Daily and Jesse Daily

Barkha Daily
Executive Chef

Drew Kassner
General Manager



Where Community comes together—

the baaree – a Nepalese word which means "garden" – is a hybrid concept that brings together aspects of a traditional German beer garden with elements of a community garden. the baaree is a true community space where people can come to relax and really escape their everyday lives.

This outdoor beer garden incorporates natural elements (earth, air, fire and water), fine art by local artists and artisans, along with architectural elements like Jens Jensen inspired council ring that reinforces a true community feel. The space incorporates a variety of sustainable elements, including rain barrels and a composting system which will feed into the care of the gardens themselves.

A metal fire sculpture designed by Milwaukee Blacksmith resides in the center of the ring, which once completed will also function as a fire pit to provide warmth on cool summer nights.

Throughout the area, landscaping incorporates edible plants, including heirloom varieties of amaranth, chard, ornamental peppers, nasturtium, kale, red roselle, peach, apple, grapes and blueberries.

the baaree brings the food revolution to the community in terms of education and experience. the cheel, parent restaurant, has always emphasized locally sourced food, and the baaree brings that philosophy to the table with this outdoor experience.

Live music plays a large role in at the baaree, which features a stage on the northern edge to accommodate a variety of live performances every Tuesday, Friday & Sunday with select events on Thursday and Saturday.

the baaree is right off the Interurban Bike Trail that runs just behind the adjoined building, offering bike racks for mobile visitors.

Truly the garden of eatin’……..



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